Discover Phoenicia 

Road trips, Guided tours, Gatherings, and Nature experiences in Lebanon


Our guided tours : We provide guiding with experts, transportation, meals and souvenir items for our guests

Batroun Historical tour

A unique insight into the ancient city of Batroun

Jaj Cedar Forest

A Mindful journey
in the land of Giants 

Jbeil/Byblos- Annaya - Bcheale- Douma-
Smar Jbeil - Batroun 

 Religious and archaeological tour

Afqa Temples 

and Springs

Explore one of the world's oldest sanctuaries

Batroun to Jbeil/byblos by  Sea

Sailing like the ancestors 

WineMaker tour

The Phoenician Khmr/Wine is still the best in the world

Paleontology tour

A one of a kind
'Chiselling' experience

Christian Pilgrimage day

Spiritualize your journey
with early christianity sites of Mount Lebanon

"We meet, exchange, PLAN, drive, hike, discover/uncover our own heritage, get dazzled,exchange,
then sit and enjoy!"

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